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The house rules at Bowie Jiu-Jitsu Academy are designed to guarantee that all students can practice discipline and so that students, parents and visitors can enjoy a positive, welcoming and clean training space.

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Illnesses: Please do not attend class if you are sick, have a contagious skin disease (such as ringworm or staph) or are exhibiting sick symptoms. We are only as healthy as our more unhealthy member. It is disrespectful to your fellow students and instructors to come to class, or send your child to class, when sick. You/They will be asked to step off the mat.

Child/Bullyproof Expectations: It is expected that your child can work with their peers in an up-close grappling manner. While we recognize kids have bad days, continued and regular distractions and/or lack of focus may warrant cancellation of membership at the discretion of the instructors.

Respect: Students are asked to respect their instructors and training partners. Bullyproof members are asked to address adults as Mr. ___ or Ms. ___. 

Sideline Coaching: Parents. this is not a tournament. Please refrain from coaching your child. Let them learn and allow the space to make mistakes. It's better that those are made in the gym, than out with a bully.

Kids Class: No food or drink is allowed on the mats. No shoes are allowed on the mat. Socks, at their discretion, is allowed. Bullyproof members are asked to raise their hand if they have a question and to not walk off the mat without permission. Shoes are to always be put on when using the restroom. If your child is exhibiting sick symptoms (runny nose, coughing, feverish etc), they will be asked to step off of the mats.

Hygiene: Wash your gi before wearing it to class. Shower regularly and use deodorant where/when necessary. Keep your finger and toe nails short to prevent infection. Wear a clean and dry gi to class and, if you sweat regularly, bring a towel so that excess sweat is not on the mat in the form of a puddle/pool.

Mat Respect: Shoes (sneakers, boots, wrestling/mat shoes etc) are never to be worn on the mat. At the conclusion of the last class of the day, see if you can help cleaning the mats.

Sparring/Rolling: You are never forced to spar or roll. You're always welcome to taking a break. Always inform your partner of any nagging injuries before rolling. The goal is never to injure your partner. Keep it real but not dangerous. 

Drilling (Combatives Class): This is not rolling. We're learning to fight, not fighting to learn. Our beginner curriculum is designed so that you have a foundation in self-defense. An additional benefit here is that if you chose to continue into the Master Cycle (advanced curriculum), you have a pool of techniques to pull from which will minimize spazzing. Do not use Combatives time to pseudo-roll. You can injure yourself and/or your (perhaps unsuspecting) training partner.

Language: Profanity is prohibited in the gym.

Distractions: Please refrain from having side conversations during instruction. 

Lobby Area: If you, or your child, must wait in the lobby while a class is in session, please keep voices to a minimal decibel level. 

Changing: When changing clothes, please do so in either the bathrooms or the changing room. Please refrain from changing in the lobby area.

Lost and Found: Please try your best to remember your belongings. Lost items are discarded every Friday.

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